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And hop, your phone cover becomes your contactless business card 🪄
QR Code Business card phone case
4.9/5 - 874 reviews

QR Code Business card phone case

4.9/5 - 874 reviews
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Tempered glass screen protector

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Business card case: the solution for your professional networking

The new generation business card

Discover Casetact's business card phone case, an innovative and modern solution to share your professional contact information easily and efficiently. With our unique concept, you display a personalized QR code on your smartphone case, containing all your essential contact information.

A networking tool

The smartphone is the tool we use every day and always have at hand. Turn it into a powerful networking tool with the Casetact Digital Business Card. Present your business and share your contact information effortlessly and without the need to install an application!

Share efficiently

Simplify the sharing of your contact information with our smart phone case. It works intuitively: present your Casetact phone case to your contact, who scans your QR code with their phone's camera. Your business card is instantly displayed on the screen of his smartphone, and he can save all your information in his contact list.

This solution is ideal for entrepreneurs, salespeople and professionals who frequently use business cards. With our virtual business cards, never miss a networking opportunity again. Say goodbye to lost, discarded or obsolete cards! Now you can carry an unlimited number of business cards without fear of losing them. Modernize your business cards, grow your business and help protect the environment and your wallet.

Compatible with most smartphone models, including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Redmi, Oneplus, Google Pixel... Choose Casetact's business card phone case, a functional and useful accessory that protects your smartphone while helping you expand your professional network. Order now and optimize your networking in an instant!

Casetact's Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Casetact, aware of its role in society, places CSR at the heart of its strategy. By developing the business card phone case, Casetact combines innovation and sustainability, thus offering a more environmentally friendly solution. Indeed, thanks to this digital solution, the paper consumption associated with traditional business cards is reduced, contributing to the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of waste. Moreover, Casetact is committed to offering quality, durable phone cases made from eco-responsible materials. By facilitating professional interactions, Casetact also supports the local economy and encourages entrepreneurs and professionals in their pursuit of sustainable development. Thus, Casetact's business card phone case is not only an efficient networking tool, but also an ethical and responsible choice, in line with the current challenges of our society.

A connected technology

With QR code business cards, create lasting relationships from a simple meeting. The connected scanning technology instantly redirects your customers to the page or website of your choice (online store, photo gallery, planning calendar, etc.). This way, you can effectively follow up with your prospects and have an additional opportunity to impress them. QR code business cards are an ideal solution for all types of businesses and all levels of technological proficiency. When designing your card, simply specify the URL to be associated with the code. We'll create the QR code for you and make sure it links to the appropriate online platform.

Easy creation

To design your business card phone case, simply provide your contact information, company information, URL, import your graphic or logo, and place your order!

Live test!

Curious to see what Casetact's business card phone case looks like in action? We invite you to test our QR code live on our website. Enter your contact information on our product page, then scan the QR code with your phone's camera. You will then be able to see the rendering of our digital business card on your smartphone screen.

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