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arrow How does it work?
The QR Code, located on the back of the phone, may contain the contact details of a website or social networks, the phone number, address or even the professional's email address. You just have to scan it with the smartphone camera to save the contact details in your contact directory or to open the link pointing to the website. The QR Code scanner does not need internet to work. Different models are available, both on the "business card", "social networks" and "website" section.
arrow Do I need to have internet for this to work?
No, the QR Code scan does not need the internet to work.
arrow How do I track my order?
You can follow the progress of your order via this tracking page : Tracking page
arrow What is the delivery time?
In Priority Delivery, your phone case order is manufactured and shipped in less than 48 hours.
arrow What do I do if I make a mistake when selecting my phone model ?
Don't worry, you can change it by yourself via the link in your confirmation e-mail or via the tracking page. You can also contact our customer service (hello@casetact.com) if the order has been made less than 24 hours ago.
arrow Can I return a product to you?
Returns of products under the right of withdrawal: you can return at your expense any mobile accessory within 14 days of delivery. We will then reimburse you for the full price of the returned products. On the other hand, no refund is possible for phone cases as they are printed exclusively on demand, except if there was a mistake made in production. For more details on the terms and conditions of product returns and withdrawal we invite you to consult our Terms and Conditions of Sale.
arrow Does the print stand up to the test of time?
Yes! Our printers being those of the mass distribution, offer us an ultra precise, high quality and durable printing thanks to the anti-scratch treatment. Intense and vibrant colours are achieved with 8-colour printing (instead of the usual 4 colours).
arrow What materials are the custom cases made of?
Our phone cases are crafted with soft silicone that is highly durable on the edges. They offer an exceptional level of protection to your device while also providing a pleasant tactile experience. Moreover, the framework of the case comprises a metal plate that enables it to absorb any shocks. We are proud to offer a luxurious phone case experience.
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